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Just get rid of it!

My wife and I are relocating and planning to drive across provinces to a new city taking only things we can fit in our van. In order to do this we’ve had to purge quite a bit of material (even though we both identify as minimalists to begin with ). On more than one occasion during this purge I felt that tang of regret thinking one of the following

  • But I might need this in the future!!
  • But I spent $300 on that!
  • But there are so many memories!
  • Why don’t I hang onto it until I find the perfect person to give it to?

One of the things I always try to stress to people during our minimalist meetings is that they need to focus on their goal, is it to recoup costs or is it to get rid of stuff so they can refocus their life? I understand totally the desire to make sure the perfect person gets your old used cross country ski’s…or that you just last year dropped $500 on something. In my case we are moving into a 300sq feet home so we have a really good motivation to remove as many things as possible.

I also somewhat believe in karma…I have given away quite a bit of stuff over the last week, many things I hand built or spent some good money on…but I also got gifted a pretty wicked bicycle that definitely makes up for everything gifted away. Sometimes giving things away pays back way more than the $40 you could have gotten from a stranger on kijiji.


My mother in law drove in today to pick up a piece of furniture that she wanted to “keep in the family”, a 1940’s dresser that her parents had owned and had always been in their household. This dresser has been bouncing around the family for decades and spent the last several years living here. I hope this isn’t that the following comment doesn’t come across as rude but I feel I should also point out that this dresser is UGLY.

Once my mum-in law came out and saw the dresser she became really truthful with herself and realized that this large ugly dresser was really just an embodiment of misplaced sentiment. She wasn’t going to use this dresser…it was going to sit in a corner of her basement and collect dust and then, in all likelihood, be tossed out by one of her kids when she eventually moved on to the next great adventure.

Remember…it’s not things that hold memories…at best they are just triggers to those memories…so…in closing…if anyone wants an ugly 1940’s dresser drop me a note…free…to a good home or I will drop it off at Earth General’s Free Store sometime this week.


*ps: it looks better in the picture…


Resignation Letter

So I put in my resignation at work the other day, my boss was not totally amused by the letter.

Good day all!
First off I wanted to say thanks for the last 4 years of employment here at MegaCorp. With
the exception of Tom I have enjoyed all of my coworkers here immensely.
I have decided that life is too short though and have decided to pursue my dreams of
becoming a backwoodsman and will be relocating to a mountain range in the interior of
British Columbia several hours from civilization. There I plan to live off of the land while
hunting a variety of animals for sustenance and crafting my clothes from their hides. It will
not be an easy life but I am looking forward to the adventures and carving a name out for
myself in the chronicles of our great country.
If you wish to maintain any contact with me you will need to come to the trails head at St.
Augustus lake and take a 3day hike in by mule.
Don’t worry about any stale cake or a going away speech, I’m AOK….
unless it’s an Icecream cake from Dairy Queen…those are pretty awesome…a 6 pack of beer would be
nice too but not required.
You can expect an almost immediate decrease in both the quality and quantity of my work
but I will still be available until Wednesday, March 23rd. After my departure don’t hesitate to
reach out to me if anything else is required.

PS: I’m not taking my chair but don’t let anyone use it.




As of today I am 100% debt free (legally)

Becoming debt free has been a goal I’ve been focused on a very long time. When I flip through my old journals I actually see it becoming a recurring theme…even when it’s a (relatively) cute amount such as $500 back in the good ol days when I was 20. Having just become debt free though I didn’t feel all that big of a change, I figure there are likely two reasons for this.

  1. While I am legally debt free I am not morally debt free, Janelle assumed a bit of my debt when we got together and now we both have to work together to pay that off as quickly as possible.

2. It’s really just a number that changed in a database and I’ve learned not to be so stressed about it.

I also feel a little bit numb as I am in Alberta which is going through another huge bust right now, headlines like this seem to be becoming the norm:

Suicide rate in Alberta climbs 30% in wake of mass oilpatch layoffs

I truly think the minimalism path I am on is such a great tool that could be applied to so many people, with proper budgeting and priority you can take huge strides to make yourself recession proof which I think is the ultimate goal we should all strive to reach. I’m going to quote Marge Simpson here….

Homer, when a man’s biggest dreams include seconds on dessert, occasional snuggling and sleeping in til noon on weekends, no one man can destroy them.

That’s one smart lady…..Now I might expand on that just a wee bit…to perhaps include a warm bed…and a nice safe roof over your head…maybe a garden or a view of a sunset…but it’s really semantics…..Marge really nailed the correct sentiment here. If we can all teach ourselves to be truly happy with enough then we are all that much better off.

To be seriously considering killing yourself when over something like money when you have a full belly and a warm bed should be unheard of. That being said I realize that your finances can be hugely stressful and that many people define themselves by their job + materials…… LET’S FIX THAT! 🙂

One question that constantly irks me is “what do you do for a living?” in most circumstances the questioner really just wants to ask “What is your soci-economic level in comparison to moi?”. I’ve been trying to coach people to change the format of the question to “What really interests you?” or even “What are your passions in life?”…I suggest everyone try that sometime in the next month…it can be truly inspiring the answers you get.

I think there are two main ways us as a society could help prevent this kind of extreme stress (suicide being the ultimate express of stress but let’s not forget that we can all benefit from less stress in life)

  1. You are more than your job, you are a strong wonderful person who is capable of doing so much more than paying bills.
  2. Have less stuff and obligation, there will be up’s and down’s but if you can always live at a basic enjoyable level then you are in a much better position to ride out the inevitable storms (many of which are beyond your control)

Objectively Janelle and I are making quite a bit less than we did a few years ago when we had to strong incomes but I’ll guarantee you we are in a better place and headspace now.. We’ve moved to a smaller cozier place walking distance from Janelle’s new job in a field she’s actually interested in. While I’m still working in CubeTown, Alberta I’ve really developed a huge amount of passions outside my work that get me excited to see progress.

I wanted to post some links (in no particular order) to a handful of blog/books/sites/whatever that have really helped me put my financial desires and future into perspective, I think any and all of them should be required reading at any stage of your life;

Mr. Money Mustache — Early Retirement through Badassity

The Wealthy Barber – a good read just for it’s bit on insurance

Smoke and Mirrors: Financial Myths That Will Ruin Your Retirement Dreams

Ernie Zelinski, just about anything by this fellow Edmontonian

How to Retire the Cheapskate Way: The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Guide to a Better, Earlier, Happier Retirement

How to be Idle, a Loafers Manifesto

Also…during this Holiday season I realize a lot of people open up their wallets and help out those far less fortunate, I had the pleasure of dropping off $500 cash I had raised recently to the Edmonton foodbank. Let’s not all forget that hunger and real poverty doesn’t disappear when the Christmas lights come down…people need help all year round.


I may not mention this enough but I host monthly minimalist meetings here in Edmonton…feel free to stop on by and say hello sometime…



shou sugi ban bed frame!

Flash really brought out the blue finish on top of the burn

I’ve been considering posting more detailed instructables when I do something handy but I think in some ways people rely too much on steps and recipes. Too many people spend all their time on pinterest and instructables rather than just……..doing stuff….GET OUT THERE PEOPLE! CREATE ! we are all artists.

I’ve been playing with shou sugi ban all summer and got to say it’s pretty damn fun…. Shou Sugi Ban translates from Japanese to “Kick Ass flame thrower some wood and make it look pretty!!”. I made some cedar raised garden beds earlier this summer and gave them a nice flame touch towards the end of the season after I packed in my garden.

So after living years with just a mattress and box spring (the box spring was actually a recent improvement) I decided to go and get a bedframe…but found that they were all really really ugly and very expensive. So I decided that I could whip something up….and for less than $200 behold…..the….bed-of-awesomeness.

It took me a weekend to put together…most of it was pretty straightforward but I’d also suggest before trying to make your bed you make sure you get the correct hardware. I used lee valley for some great hardware so I can disassemble the bed when I need. Otherwise than that…it’s just some mineral oil…some boards…a bit of blue stain….and a 500,000btu flame thrower.

Bone Broth


I love making bone broth…it is so nice to have once it starts to get cooler outside…and it has many nutritional benefits as it is loaded with minerals, it helps aid with digestion and the collagen helps to rebuild joints – these are just to name a few!

I have been using organic chicken necks and backs which I get through TK Ranch. Here is how I make it 🙂

I first roast the chicken parts I use for about 45 minutes..this will help to make the broth more flavourful.

Then I put the chicken parts  in a stock pot filled with water and add about 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar…I let it sit there for about an hour..the apple cider vinegar helps to pull the collagen and nutrients of the bones out of the chicken.

Next I add some chopped vegetables and spices to the broth – then bring it to a boil and simmer on low for about 24 hours..and then voilà it is done…almost! All you will need to do next is strain the chicken and vegetables from the broth…let the bone broth cool to room temperature and then put into mason jars..make sure to leave about 3 inches space in the mason jar…as the jars can crack if they are filled to full. Enjoy 🙂 I often will drink bone broth for breakfast and as a snack throughout the day…delicious 🙂





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