Biznnness cards from greeting cards

For awhile now I have felt a need for a business card that I can hand people who I really enjoy so they can carry on my info.

My corporate card didn’t really cut the cheese quite often as people I most enjoy meeting don’t really appreciate fiber optic sales.

I could have just went over to a company and had some made but I’m a huge advocate for re-using so I decided to look around my house and what I could use here. After staring off into space for awhile I figured out that the cards I get for my birthday or anniversary are about the same stock that a biz card would be..then all I had to do was figure out how to cute them…borrow a type writer…and voila…neat and fun cards where each one is totally unique….

Next time you see me ask for card and see which one you get!

bizcardoverview_50 bizcardcut_50 bizcardtype_50 bizcardcomplete_50


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  1. Janelle


  2. Kaitlin

    These are amazing!!!


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