Volunteering! #timeraiser

Twice in the last month I have been recognized for doing a lot of volunteer work. I really want to encourage anyone reading this (Hello mom!) to try finding a charity or non-profit next year that could use some help. I volunteered approx 135+ hours over the last 12 months and while I think that is a bit excessive I hope to continue volunteering over the next year for a couple of select groups.

It can really be rewarding and it’s not only about giving but learning a wide variety of skills and being exposed to a wide audience of people that you may not regularly get an opportunity to be involved with. I know throughout the next year I plan to continue to be involved with my local Icelandic community (http://iccedmonton.org) and some local neighbourhood committees, it would really be excited to be able to start a community garden here in Empire Park.

Without further adieu….thanks for the City of Edmonton for making me their “Shorted listed Rookie of the Year” volunteer guy and below you can see me with some art I got through the fantastic TimeRaiser organization (http://www.timeraiser.ca/edmonton.html)




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