Do you know how much utilities cost?

So as a few of you may now I’m a pretty big fan off offgrid and solar solutions. I know quite a few people in the solar industry or who have lived via solar and one thing they pretty much all had in common was that solar was great…but that being ongrid still offered huge benefits in reliability. This is even coming from people who were using solar back in the 60’s up to today…

One thing that came up during the solar class I was taking at Nait was a guy (who worked for the utilities) that the delivery/admin charges were so high that even being 100% solar (but still grid tied) wouldn’t actually realize much savings…this prompted me to check my latest bills…

On my last natural gas bill I paid $112.60, that was $44.44 for actual gas….and $68.16 in admin/misc charges….

On my last electrical bill I paid  $85.86, that was $43.04 for electricity and $42.84 in admin/misc charges.

Even though he warned me I was pretty shocked, most people just kind of pay their bills without looking to closely into it. Definitely makes “utilitiy sharing” ie: tiny community or roomates or group of people type thing a tempting offer….





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