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As a couple of you may know I am Icelandic guy….who has recently become a lot more interested in my cultural roots. I’ve been working here in Edmonton for the last year on the board of directors for the Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton…a great group of people with a great facility and a bunch of good events they put on throughout the year.

Growing up in Gimli, Manitoba Iceland was always around…..such a huge community and almost more common to see the Icelandic flag flapping in the wind that the Canadian maple leaf…I was surprised to see such a strong community here in Edmonton as well.

My house growing up pretty much had this view from the backyard….

Over the weekend I got the opportunity to see some of the best music I have EVER seen at the Starlite room here in Edmonton…a great organization called “IcelandNaturally” brought in a handful of musical acts that just blew me away.


Jon Karason totally blew my mind, check out some of his videos here:

On Sunday though it was my turn to try to contribute a bit at the Icelandic Film Fest at the Garneau theatre, so I got up in front of about 250 people and spoke a few words, I want to mention that I consider myself a strong public speaker…I’m a third degree green belt toastmaster or something and a professional salesman so you wouldn’t think it would phase you too much..but I got to tell you I almost pee’d my pant’s up there…it’s crazy being on stage when you can’t really see or connect to people but you know you are being watched by everyone in the room.

Anyways…that’s it for now…hope you like the blog thing.

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  1. Jocelyn

    Awesome! Good for you, I’m sure you did a great job. Always interesting to explore your roots.


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