My new raised gardens!

I had originally intended to post a video of me making these…but ultimately got excited and completed them before I could really get my camera lady involved….at the end of the day it’s a handful of fence boards, a 4×4 cedar post and a dozen screws…cost is probably $35 for each one and I’m super excited with how well they turned out, lots of salad this year! yay!


While I had some powertools out I noticed a neighbor was tearing down their fence so I decided to whip up a quick platform for the garbage cans….it’s truly amazing what you can find when just going up and down back alleys….best of all I even re-used all the nails for this project so total cost was nothing!



(the wife is admiring the handiwork….)

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  1. Jocelyn

    Looks like a most excellent job….should be admired!

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