Donairs are great

Yet a donor might even be a bit greater….even without the sweet sauce.

I was recently down at the local registry renewing my license and while I had a great time (oh so good when I said I wanted to wear my colander) I did something I am pretty proud of and that I would encourage you all to seriously consider.

I’ve become a fully registered donor, frankly I think this is almost something you should have to opt out of rather than opt in…because I think there are so many great people that would be willing to do this….but just never quite get around to it. Being able to help someone with a gift that in many cases exceed anything you could have done for them in your current life just totally kicks ass on a mega bonus level.

I also strongly suggest that anyone considering doing this actually speak to their significant others including parents or children…I’ve heard horror stories of people’s organ donations being delayed past the point of benefit because of delays caused by their own loved ones. If you think your *whomever* is going to have an issue…sit down with them and discuss why you want this to happen..

So…do it ….now or next time you get your license renewed…tell me about it next time we bump into each other and I’ll buy you a beer or a pot o tea. (whatever your taste is)


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