Craik “Eco-village”

One of my primary secondary goals was to visit the village of Craik Saskatchewan during my roadtrip back home this summer, and while I didn’t manage to hit them on the way back I did mange to stop by and catch a few people’s eyes on the way there.

Link to a neat article on Craik can be found here:

One of the things that really stood out to me on my roadtrip was how much smaller communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba were suffering and , frankly, slowly dying. Town after town we passed to see all the main business’s boarded up along the highway and churches simply abandoned.

Craik is a forward thinking small village between Regina and Saskatchewan that decided to try to address this problem by offering small parcels of land to people who wanted to do innovative things and relaxed the building codes to facilitate this. Among Craik you would find all kinds of different buildings…from have completed Sea-can (no idea how to spell) inspired houses to barns to strawbale to tiny houses…  One of the people I met there described it as a workshop experiment on living and after spending an afternoon there I would agree. Some of the homes were owned by pretty “white picket fence” type peoples while others were owned by “back to the earth” permaculture types letting grass grow wild.

I’d like to thank the people of Craik (those I ran into) for allowing me to snoop around their small community and get a grasp on the sheer amount of fortitude and work that would go into something like this. You will often see me stress how important community is to achieving a level of satisfaction in life. I hope to be an annual visitor to your small and promising community!


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