shou sugi ban bed frame!

I’ve been considering posting more detailed instructables when I do something handy but I think in some ways people rely too much on steps and recipes. Too many people spend all their time on pinterest and instructables rather than just……..doing stuff….GET OUT THERE PEOPLE! CREATE ! we are all artists.

I’ve been playing with shou sugi ban all summer and got to say it’s pretty damn fun…. Shou Sugi Ban translates from Japanese to “Kick Ass flame thrower some wood and make it look pretty!!”. I made some cedar raised garden beds¬†earlier this summer and gave them a nice flame touch towards the end of the season after I packed in my garden.

So after living years with just a mattress and box spring (the box spring was actually a recent improvement) I decided to go and get a bedframe…but found that they were all really really ugly and very expensive. So I decided that I could whip something up….and for less than $200 behold…..the….bed-of-awesomeness.

It took me a weekend to put together…most of it was pretty straightforward but I’d also suggest before trying to make your bed you make sure you get the correct hardware. I used lee valley for some great hardware¬†so I can disassemble the bed when I need. Otherwise than that…it’s just some mineral oil…some boards…a bit of blue stain….and a 500,000btu flame thrower.

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