Resignation Letter

So I put in my resignation at work the other day, my boss was not totally amused by the letter.

Good day all!
First off I wanted to say thanks for the last 4 years of employment here at MegaCorp. With
the exception of Tom I have enjoyed all of my coworkers here immensely.
I have decided that life is too short though and have decided to pursue my dreams of
becoming a backwoodsman and will be relocating to a mountain range in the interior of
British Columbia several hours from civilization. There I plan to live off of the land while
hunting a variety of animals for sustenance and crafting my clothes from their hides. It will
not be an easy life but I am looking forward to the adventures and carving a name out for
myself in the chronicles of our great country.
If you wish to maintain any contact with me you will need to come to the trails head at St.
Augustus lake and take a 3day hike in by mule.
Don’t worry about any stale cake or a going away speech, I’m AOK….
unless it’s anĀ Icecream cake from Dairy Queen…those are pretty awesome…a 6 pack of beer would be
nice too but not required.
You can expect an almost immediate decrease in both the quality and quantity of my work
but I will still be available until Wednesday, March 23rd. After my departure don’t hesitate to
reach out to me if anything else is required.

PS: I’m not taking my chair but don’t let anyone use it.




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  1. Johan Van Braeden

    Tell me where you’ll be. Helicopters and a rope could drop me for a visit, because I don’t have a mule or donkey to get me there. I’ll bring wine, for the beer would be too warm by the time I’d get there. I prefer beaver, to squirrels for dinner. I need a new pair of footwear. Any good fur you might have would be appreciated if you will sell it. Love to you two, till so long, Johan


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