Artsie Fartsie


Well, it snowed a whole bunch last night…which of course only means one thing….that tow trucks if covered in snow are really hard to see and you might run into them….

AND….it’s time to make snowman!!! We invited quite a few people but in the end it was just the girl and I sneaking over into an old construction site where a condo had built it’s foundation before going bankrupt in 08.

Not the best snow…they kind of ended up being more like jabba the butt style whatever…but our with our carrot noses and licorice eye’s I think people will get teh point…we are going to come back every couple of days and hopefully make one or two more so I’m hoping to have a couple hundred in this lot by the end of winter.

I got to sneak over that fence (borrowed a ladder to do it) so can’t let anyone see me…


this girl was gungho

fire hydrant snowman

Lazy Sunday painting and winter stroll

Today is a lazy butt day.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me though…got up bright and early…made the better half breakfast and then I went down to the river valley and went for a nice jog along the river…just a beautiful snowy day and not another soul around.

I went again today which was nice but really would like to keep the motivation going to do it weekly..gets the heart beat up and out the house…I went to cancel my gym membership and they wanted a $200 fee! doh!

After the run I came home and pulled out a bunch of art supplies and easels and paint that I had gotten the better half a few months ago. I sat down for a few hours and actually was kinda proud of my efforts at the end…now that I mastered oil painting (or whatever it was) I think I am going to start working on windsurfing next…

After that I got the girl out of the house and we went down to participate in Earth Day events. It as alright…almost a bit sad that there were only 50 or so people that turned off to see the big switch flicked…ah well…..

When we came home we spent the night chit chatting by candlelight and I read my “how to build a cabin” literature a bit more.

That’s all for now!

It’s interesting….

Finding a happy medium on a public blog on what you want to post here…I have to admit that I have created one or two entries then decided to scrap them for the more “family friendly generic updates” vibe I am going for on here.

So…no complaining about stuff…no mentioning work (which is going relatively fine) and other stuff I suppose. I think I am going to update on here more…so I at least get used to it..even if I have little to say.

Last weekend we went over to our friends’ place to celebrate his “happy turning another year older” day…was a fun time even if we had to bail early to make the long drive back to Edmonton…I love carving up pumpkins!!!

*The stylish dude in the tie is mine…

but I think this one won the prize….

And the fiancee got to flex her artistic talent with some fun watercolouring….On a semi-related note I am almost certainly going to look into getting a small laptop and getting rid of my “office” in the bedroom…I either want a totally “peaceful/serene” setting or a place for her to practice art…glass blowing or painting or whatever strikes the fancy.

In yet another “manly pseudo renovation/tear apart” I ripped down some moldy drywall from our balcony area….some gross work but considering we were getting quotes of $10,000 to do it through a contractor….and it took me and a buddy maybe 4 hours total..well worth saving the money.

Though I am quite happy that we ended up doing this work now in October instead of July….considering what we found things could have turned out quite differently….(ps: this pic is only one of many…)

Also just got back form the inlaws….a very nice visit but a fairly long drive…though I really do enjoy going for drives with the girl…for some reason I think we bond best when sitting side by side in the car chitty chatting…no distractions…beautiful scenery….I actually think the travel time is my favorite part of the trip in many ways.