Farmers Market

I’m making tomato sauce! :)

Janelle and I both have been on a big kick and looking at things that we buy regularly and seeing if we can do it better…cheaper…and healthier….pasta sauce is one of those things that can be a bit time consuming to whip up properly which is why it’s best to do huge batches of it. And since we recently acquired a new apartment sized freezer we now have enough space to store more great stuff like this.

(I have canned pasta before but it’s got a few more steps to it and really isn’t as space effective.)

I was considering posting a recipe here…but at the end of the day I think you all know what goes into pasta…experiment…taste it along the way…add things you think would work well together…if in doubt…throw some honey in.


Fresh ground up basil from the garden (and some from Sparrows Nest Organics)


The trick is to not use a food processor…just use a mortar and pestle (btw…pestle…pesto….why do you think it’s called pesto?) and use as fresh ingredients as you can. 1/3rd cup of pine nuts….some parmesan if your wife doesn’t eat it all…some garlic to taste and then start smooshing. I love it! I’m really trying to limit the amount of kitchen gadgets and machines that we have.


100% locally produced…

The lovely Janelle has been working off and on at Green Eggs & Ham and helping them out…behold…a dinner of bbq’d turkey marinated turkey over a salad of greens with a homemade poppy seed vinaigrette. Don’t that sound fancy??

(I suppose the almonds and golden berries weren’t local..but still damn good…. all greens and turkey from G,E&H


Ducks Ducks Ducks everywhere!!!

I didn’t take any photo’s but I am hoping someone will send me a cute one they took of Janelle. On Sunday night her and I went out to help out Andreas and Mary-Ellen of Greens, Eggs & Ham with 500 ducks that were giving them some issues. (BTW: DON’T CLICK THAT LINK, their site is infected by a worm right now)

It was cold hard work but both Janelle and I really enjoyed it. As vegetarians we were more interested in the microgreen operations they have but didn’t get a chance to see that this time.

We’ll be back out again though during the summer to help them out with some farm work and hopefully at a farmers market this summer. I can see farming being really hard but so rewarding. Mark my words…another year…maybe two…then I’m going to be done with this grey office drone career that I’ve boxed myself into. *above farm stock photo but similar.