Dear Diary… <3

Hello….it is me…Janelle..and I am writing a blog entry! I am going to make more of a concious effort to update our wonderful blog that Justin worked very hard to make! Today is Sunday…I enjoy my Sundays as I usually am working Saturdays…I am just relaxing…went to hot yoga earlier…I love Moksha Yoga studio where I go…I think I am going to try doing an energy exchange program there to make it easier on myself financially and I think it is a nice way to contribute to the studio 🙂

We are currently getting ourselves ready for a trip to Manitoba to visit family, we are really looking forward to seeing everyone as we haven’t seen everyone in over a year and we miss them!

And because I love photos here are some photos of some food from our garden…the stars are KALE and BEETS!!! (my juicer has been never been happier)




Have a wonderful week!!! <3