sneaky rv time

Janelle and I found an RV lot in a city that must have had 400+ RV’s…all unlocked…so even though it was Sunday and closed we had a lot of fun walking around and sneaking and dreaming about moving into a smaller space…one of our first babysteps towards tiny living…the everlite we liked the best.

Sunday at the antique mall

Janelle and I had another wonderful afternoon together, actually an entire weekend….went down to the antique mall and got some new patio furniture and an antique coffee grinder…I’m trying to phase out all non-essential electronic appliances in my haus…got to convince Janelle to give up the mixer…

Woke up and made Janelle an bannock cinnamon bun concoction then hung out and eventually biked down to Whyte avenue. A major bonus/surprise of our new haus is that it’s not nearly as far from downtown as we thought..we’ve been biking and walking a tonne and just love it.