Iceland air

Janelle and I had the great pleasure of recently attending the Icelandair launch at the Art Barn which was a totally fantastic little to mingle with some aviation people and get to know a bit more of the Icelandic group here in Edmonton. I am really excited for 2015…that’s the year Janelle and I are going to head out to Iceland for a week or two me thinks…get to know the old country…. Of course…if we win the Icelandair tickets at Thorrabolt next week we’ll have to go a bit sooner… The picture below was taken by the Icelandair CEO type dude! and there was a volcano!

Back from Cancun

Just got back from my trip to Cancun for work. It was nice, very pretty but I’ve come to realize that I am very much a mountain/Canadian boy. I can only sit in a pool and drink so many margarita’s before a) I humiliate myself b) I get sunstroke or c) I just get plain bored.

Still a great time, back at work now, total indian summer here, in the 30’s in mid September…got to love it.
Got to get back on the healthy eating trail though…im so close to being great…just got to cut those cheezies out…..

Trip to Mexico

Won a trip to Mexico for work…kind of fun but a bit too decadent..I’m more of a backpacking through the woods than drinking margarita’s and lounging by the pool…but I’ll suffer through it 😉

sneaky rv time

Janelle and I found an RV lot in a city that must have had 400+ RV’s…all unlocked…so even though it was Sunday and closed we had a lot of fun walking around and sneaking and dreaming about moving into a smaller space…one of our first babysteps towards tiny living…the everlite we liked the best.