“trolling is the term we use for day to day adventuring” :)


I commute an average of 25.4 minutes to work according to google tracks, one way, each and every day that I work. My job could easily be done remotely without me having to get in the car…but I do because that is the way it is supposed to be done…

With only a bit or irony the average amount that an average Canadian commutes…according to statscan is..

 In 2011, commuters spent an average of 25.4 minutes travelling to work. This was almost the same as the average in the United States for the same year (25.5 minutes).Note3


Scott Adams once said (and I paraphrase) that you can live in a nice house in a nice neighbourhood…or you can have a good job…but the two could never be close together…..and for that reason we move from our cubed houses to our cubed cars…driving them down straight roads to other cubed building to sit in a small grey cube and type on a cube into a viewing cube…cubes..

Anyways…for reasons I can’t quite pin point I’ve decided to walk from my home in Allendale Edmonton to my job…which is in the far North East…pretty much in St. Albert….I estimate it will take me about 4 hours to get there….nonstop….each way….

Getting in a car and transporting yourself great distances with relative ease is easy…so easy we don’t even think about it…at my work it’s totally normal for 15 cars…weighing an combined total of close to 100,000 pounds….drive an average of 2.2km at lunch… buy about 10 pounds of shitty food…and then drive back…..and we think nothing of it.

That’s the equivalent of 100 blue whale testicles rolling down the highway!!!


So I’m decided that I am going to walk across the city to my work….the average distance an average Canadian commutes on September 18th…it’s a long walk…I figure it will take me about 4 hours each way…but I really think it’s going to give me a perspective just on how much we rely on the old fossil fuels…so yes…doing it.

Along the way I plan to post a few pictures to my twitter account (@justindechaine) unless it’s suspended…which it often is….because I seem to post some pretty pro ISIS type content on there….even though I don’t recall doing it…

I’m hoping to stop at a few places so if you are anywhere on the route (or close to it) feel free to offer me a muffin or a cup of coffee along my travels.

approx route


Trip to Jasper!!!

One of my fondest memories was travelling across the country on the bus beside a smell homeless dude who kinda changed my life, it was right around my 30th birthday and I was creating an unpublished blog post about “30 things I learned at 30”, since I just turned 35 I was pondering how much of those I embraced, and I’d say I am going pretty good…and homeless dude….those 25 hours were pretty awesome buddy…one of my biggest regrets is not staying in touch with you.

This time for my birthday the wife and I went out to the mountains to do a couple of hikes and spend some one on time. I do love camping so much, there is something about rustic camping outside that just makes everything seem so right.

This time going out we were planning to do a hike up sulphur ridge above the miette hotsprings but unfortunately a couple of annoying bears got in our way and were all like “Hey, I got two cubs here so why don’t you just get out of here” and the fact that the 10minute drive up the mountain took two hours due to road construction was a bit annoying….but sulphur ridge…I DO THEE DECLARE…that I shall hike you this year, I bought that park pass afterall.

Pics below.




Tiny house land scoping

Got to hang out with three great people, two new tiny haus enthusiasts and my lovely wife. Was nice to get outside the city and day dream about living in a true community.

This land we visited was offgrid and had been used by a large family as a sort of unofficial campground, you could feel the positive energy floating around and it was a beautiful winter day. If it’s still on the market this summer I’d love to check it out.


Friends can be the new family *GINGERBREAD HAUS*

I read a book awhile ago that stuck with me a bit…it was by an author named Ethan Watters and called “Urban Tribes: Are Friends the new Family” and I have to say that quite a bit of it stuck with me.

I have the unfortunate circumstance of being 1300km away from my genetic family. While it’s getting easier to communication with technology (got to love skype and facebook) it’s still difficult to really be there or share moments with them sometimes. I’ve been living here in Edmonton and for about 8ish years now and we’ve only really been back and forth a handful of times.

I love them very much and not a day goes by where I don’t wish I was physically closer so I could share in more of their life’s, success’s and failures. Ironically I sometimes find it’s those failures and troubles that can bring people closer together and that when you are far away and visit only so often you quite often just get the smiling faces.

*don’t get me too wrong, I love not having to be involved too much in the huge amounts of drama that being too close to family can bring.

My parents (and myself) occasionally day dream about living down in south BC, I could see it happening one day and would love to be that much closer.

Until then I wanted to really say thank you to all of my friends here in Alberta….every time I hang out with you guys I get a better appreciation for the social group that I am in. Each person challenges me in their own way and I learn from all the time. Some of you I’ve known from way back in Winnipeg and others I’ve known here for years while others have just recently entered my life.

Sometimes I don’t take the most photo’s because I strive to be “in the moment” but I think I do need to haul out the camera sometimes and make an effort to snap something worthwhile and put it up here (instead of just saving it to a harddrive that will eventually die)

Thanks again for everyone who came out to our gingerbread haus! was so much fun with gingbread houses, mulled wine , lite brite’s and a fireplace crackling. You are all my family.

DSC00832 DSC00830 DSC00846 DSC00820 DSC00822 DSC00836








Love new friends

Love meeting new friends, what a wonderful hobbit hole they have!