Janelle and I had the pleasure of attending a Verge Pemaculture 1 day intro session in Calgary over the weekend. 

Despite is being super cold to sleep overnight in the parking lot we had a great time. I found Rob to be a good teacher who was obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about this topic. 

I’ve already booked off the time this fall to take his two week class but am not 100% positive it makes financial sense….still something that very much interests me though…got to get out of this office done work….just feel my life energy slipping on away. 

The strongest sentiment I took away from the class was that it’s not enough to be “sustainable” or “minimal impactful” but that we need to all be regenerative…to act as good stewards to the land we live in…we have the capacity to exist in a positive impactful way…

 Someone came into work today totally sick as as dog…could barely speak but he said he couldn’t afford to miss work…and I got to say I kind of understand it on some levels…I took a week off about 4 weeks ago and still feel like I am catching up….how sad is that..

Busy Summer coming up

I have a lot of obligations and objectives this summer but I am really happy for the challenge and think I’m on a good path.


1) Blog more often and better…try to get a handful of people following this and do something that interests people

2) Complete my Master Composter Class

3) Be accepted into the Master Naturalist Class (with possible completion in 2014)

4) Complete 100 hours of community service

5) Create the Icelandic Community website (Once I get full domain access,….grrr)

6) Get into some kind of physical activity…fuck..I’m 34 and getting FAT…If I can’t take some kind of care of myself now where will I be in 20 years? And I can only blame my office life so much.

7) Get fixed

8) Downsize my material belongings, I know I’m pretty good…but I would really like the sound of this 100 thing challenge…

9) Expand my friendship circle (both with current friends in depth and new ones) but do it without booze or loud music….it’s a shame that you can know people for years sometimes but barely know much about them because so often what we do socially doesn’t really allow proper interaction.

10) Be debt free or well on way

11) I already booked the time off work for the Verge Permaculture course this fall…so would be totally awesome to complete that….and be a certified Permaculture guy…woot?

12) Setup weekly touchbases with my family via skype…sometimes being far away sucks 🙁

I think that’s a good rambling list for now….

yay anniversary

My beautiful wife and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the weekend. So very awesome and all that jazz. Waiting at home right now for her to come back from getting her hair cut and running some stairs. Went to the Devonian gardens on the weekend…was so good..glad she took me there..

Going to eat some vinetarta when she comes home!

Also got to figure out how to take more awesome pictures and set up a “together blog”…think it would be important for both of us.

Going to be in Winnipeg next week….looking forward to it.

*edit: some irony in I am going through these posts in prep for our together blog right now…ha!