Trip to Jasper!!!

One of my fondest memories was travelling across the country on the bus beside a smell homeless dude who kinda changed my life, it was right around my 30th birthday and I was creating an unpublished blog post about “30 things I learned at 30”, since I just turned 35 I was pondering how much of those I embraced, and I’d say I am going pretty good…and homeless dude….those 25 hours were pretty awesome buddy…one of my biggest regrets is not staying in touch with you.

This time for my birthday the wife and I went out to the mountains to do a couple of hikes and spend some one on time. I do love camping so much, there is something about rustic camping outside that just makes everything seem so right.

This time going out we were planning to do a hike up sulphur ridge above the miette hotsprings but unfortunately a couple of annoying bears got in our way and were all like “Hey, I got two cubs here so why don’t you just get out of here” and the fact that the 10minute drive up the mountain took two hours due to road construction was a bit annoying….but sulphur ridge…I DO THEE DECLARE…that I shall hike you this year, I bought that park pass afterall.

Pics below.




Badlands Road Trip!

The badlands have always been such a spooky and powerful place. got to spend more time down here. we ipted ti not go on our multiday canoe trip once we got here as it was a horrible storm, funne cloud bad, course now its too late to change our mind and its all blue skies and calm.

doh!! such is the way of things, shouls get myself a vluetooth keyboard dor the samsung if I’m gonna keep ip with these journal entries.

jnel is sleeping in van. very cute. ..I just stepped I’m a huge brown snake, brrr was it a rattle r?!?