Hello…I know I know it has been over a year…and I haven’t written a bio…oops 🙂

As I sit here writing this it is a beautiful summer day…its been sun showering all day…I love it..there is a robin and a chickadee hanging out too…

Okay…so my name is Janelle…I am the other ½ as they say…. 🙂 I am super excited to be on the path to simplicity…I feel like we have made such awesome steps…we have just moved to a quite smaller space where we must of gotten rid of 3 or 4 van loads of items…who knows what they even were…so happy I don’t have much of an attachment to “things”…the “my little ponies” in some weird way were the hardest but really why would I keep some plastic toys…just don’t really serve a purpose in my life anymore…

Oh yeah…so this is me…I am a recent graduate from CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition), so I am now a CHN, Certified Holistic Nutritionist…nutrition has been something that has always interested me and I feel it is important to understand. I am also working at Optimum Health Vitamins where I also learn a lot about natural health alternatives. I learn a lot just from helping customers everyday. I have also recently gone through my own personal health challenges, I have healed my body of adrenal fatigue — it has taken over 2 years but I feel pretty much back to normal. Adrenal Fatigue is basically when you burn your adrenal glands out due to stress, your adrenals are responsible for making hormones. It feels so good to have my health and energy levels back, your health truly is your wealth. Going through this experienced has made me more conscious about not letting life or work stress me out too much, it really isn’t worth it!

I want to live a simpler lifestyle with my husband. I feel we live in an over stressed over worked society, and I don’t think it is necessary. My goal is to set a positive example — showing others that you can have a simple stress free life with less stuff and full of joy!

As well as studying nutrition I am also interested in gardening, cooking, stained glass, biking, yoga, being in nature and nourishing my mind, body and spirit! <3

Thanks for visiting our page! Keep checking back for updates on our journey…I have been quite dormant but I will start posting more regularly now that I am done with school.

Oh yeah! We also have two beautiful kitties: Blinki & Velo…bios soon…ish. (meow.)



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  1. Justin Dechaine (Post author)

    You so cute.


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