Good day strangers and acquaintances of the Internet Super Highway.

I’m about ½ of the team over here at alfholl and wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about myself.

I’ve been an office worker most of my life working in Sales & Technology and while I enjoy many aspects of it I am really trying to guide my career towards something a bit more fulfilling in a community sense.  As I get older I realize it’s important to NOT sit at your desk for 8+ hours a day and do something you will ultimately find rewarding. That being said…I do still have a job largely focused on office work….but I recently relocated to the lovely mountain city of Nelson, BC where work life balance is much more focused on.

I’ve been volunteering pretty extensively the last several years which has given me an amazing breadth of connections and exposure to different communities. Most of my volunteering has in, some way or another, been related to alternative energy, alternative living and minimalism. I’ve also been trying to become much more involved in permaculture and gardening (even farming) the last couple years too.

I also enjoy sailing, canoeing, kayaking, camping (both winter and summer, usually backcountry) and long walks on the beach where I can find dead things to poke them with a stick.

Thoreau, my parents and Bill Watterson are my biggest influences on my life

Anyways, that’s a quick overview of me. For more information see our manifesto.







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  1. adrian jones

    Finally reached your site Justin, great, thanks. So true about solar power. The government must realise that if I pay for a solar system on my roof, then feed the power back into the grid, that I have saved the utility co. the money required to expand their power plants e.g. for summer a/c use peaks, yet I get no support for building this capital expenditure. At $9,000 for a 2.5kW system would take close to 20 years plus for “payback” with my low electricity use, total about 1950kw/year.
    Vigorously support bicycle lanes and decrease urban sprawl. good article in Alberta View this month on in-fill and increase densification of cities that also make them more walkable and less expensive to service.

  2. Justin Dechaine (Post author)

    To me, it’s all about minimizing what you use, sometimes that’s even better than finding alternative was to generate energy 🙂

    Thanks for the comments.


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