Our Manifesto

Some people may be wondering what the word “Alfholl” means so I’ll start with that.

Alfholl is a roughly translated Icelandic term meaning “Elves house” or “Elves hill”, of course elves in Icelandic culture are called Huldufolk or “hidden folk”.

We currently live in the small mountain city of Nelson, BC in our own tiny home. We have a very nice garden and both focus on trying to live a meaningful intentional life.

First and foremost this site is for us to use as a photo album, a place for us to post our adventures and dreams and use as a chronicle of our life’s. Secondly we may occasionally post an article or post on there that we want to share.

We’ve turned off the specific comments (too much spam) on the posts but if you’d like to drop us a line please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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  1. Leo Saumure

    Not being a spam spewing robot, I came upon your site looking for Ugg boots! I would like to make many grammatical errors, but I feel that the spam filter might actually note me as spam.
    I look forward to seeing much more of this stimulating content!

    1. Justin Dechaine (Post author)

      I got to say that when I’m feeling kind of blue…I log on and check out my spam comments…so many compliments


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