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Well, it snowed a whole bunch last night…which of course only means one thing….that tow trucks if covered in snow are really hard to see and you might run into them….

AND….it’s time to make snowman!!! We invited quite a few people but in the end it was just the girl and I sneaking over into an old construction site where a condo had built it’s foundation before going bankrupt in 08.

Not the best snow…they kind of ended up being more like jabba the butt style whatever…but our with our carrot noses and licorice eye’s I think people will get teh point…we are going to come back every couple of days and hopefully make one or two more so I’m hoping to have a couple hundred in this lot by the end of winter.

I got to sneak over that fence (borrowed a ladder to do it) so can’t let anyone see me…


this girl was gungho

fire hydrant snowman

So about a month ago…

I bought a kayak! yay! I found it at a pretty neat Kayak outlet wholesaler that had a going out of business kayak super sale…got it on a totally wicked deal…actually it was pretty funny cause as I was there shopping through the kayaks a person walked in and pretty much just bought them all..but i managed to bargain her into letting me pick which one I wanted.

I tell you..$160 for a kayak was a totally awesome deal.

I actually didn’t have enough money for a paddle though so I jury rigged an old hockeystick and some plywood into a reasonable fascimilie..also jury rigged my

I finally got the time and courage to take it down to the river here in Edmonton and put it into the water this weekend..such a good time…and while I think most people vastly overestimate that river..I do have to admit it was moving pretty damn fast….not fast enough to warrant my fears of having to be airlifted out by coastguard…but fast…

Hoping to do kayaking at least three times a month…make it worthwhile to have it sitting in the middle of my living room.

and some pictures of golden…got to love hot tubs and beautiful pictures.

Clouds and beautiful days

I do often regret that I don’t post more onto this journal, I also regret that I post that nearly everytime…the fact that it’s also quite cliched to complain about this isn’t lost on me.

As I type this out I am sitting in a rather lovely park in downtown edmonton using a nice girls butt as a pillow. Around me is quite the menagerie of players…a handful of jugglers accompanied by several hemp clad hula hoopers and a large drum circle..hippy circle…oh yes…

Beautiful summer days you are so close to being here….

Last couple of weekends my beautiful fiancee and I have went out and camper under the stars on some crownland…such a great time…the first time I couldn’t get her out of the sleeping bag but the second time she was active running around getting the firewood and helping shore up the shelter.

There is something so relaxing about being out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but just “be”. At one point it rained so hard in the middle of the night it totally swamped our fire and just about everything we’d have if it wasn’t for some good tarp laying by my partner.

The next day we had a totally wonderful time simply walking around and doing some exploring. We’ve spent quite a few nights over the last few weeks at the same spot…I think next time we are going to venture a bit deeper into the woods…

Spent some tim trying to find shapes in clouds!!

Our humble home away from home!!!

Hail is really hard to capture in the air so you get it on the ground!

Lazy Sunday painting and winter stroll

Today is a lazy butt day.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me though…got up bright and early…made the better half breakfast and then I went down to the river valley and went for a nice jog along the river…just a beautiful snowy day and not another soul around.

I went again today which was nice but really would like to keep the motivation going to do it weekly..gets the heart beat up and out the house…I went to cancel my gym membership and they wanted a $200 fee! doh!

After the run I came home and pulled out a bunch of art supplies and easels and paint that I had gotten the better half a few months ago. I sat down for a few hours and actually was kinda proud of my efforts at the end…now that I mastered oil painting (or whatever it was) I think I am going to start working on windsurfing next…

After that I got the girl out of the house and we went down to participate in Earth Day events. It as alright…almost a bit sad that there were only 50 or so people that turned off to see the big switch flicked…ah well…..

When we came home we spent the night chit chatting by candlelight and I read my “how to build a cabin” literature a bit more.

That’s all for now!

Feeling pretty good

A few weeks back the girl decided to start doing a “detox”…now I got to say that I’ve never really been a believer in most “detox’s”. The human body does a great job at getting rid of bad things and most detox’s are just newage babble.

That being said I do think it’s a great idea sometimes to cut certain things out of your diet and just see how the changes affect your overall well being. Also, as a sign of comraderie I decided to go along with her “21 day Dr Joshi detox”..more or less it’s a way to get your body to be more alkaline instead of acid based. The general rule is that there is no redmeat…no wheat….no dairy…no fruit/sugar (cept banananana’s)

It’s actually fairly close to what I normally do so I think it was a bit easier for me to do than the better half but I got to say that after doing this thing for 10 days I am totally impressed with the changes.

I have way more energy and am just way more positive…it’s not like I was depressed before but I keep catching myself with a goofy grin walking down the street whisting. The fact that I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 10 days also makes me pretty happy ( if not stunned ).

I don’t even really feel like I’ve sacraficed all that much…in fact it’s opened me up to a tonne of different styles of foods that I just never explored before…being way more creative. So besides introducing a cheat day I don’t think I’m even going to adjust my lifestyle all that much.

I signed up for a 10k underwear run this summer so got to start trainining hard for that…plan to be in the best shape of my life by my birthday and it’s looking like I may be able to get to those goals.


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