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outdoor survival course

I must remember that this blog is largely for me…and of course my friends and family….but mainly for me to keep track of what i am doing…life is fleeting and this is probably the closest I will get to a proper journal or photo album.

Went out in December and spent the weekend in the woods….my running joke of the week was that I was paying $200+ to nearly freeze to death in -25 weather when I could be staying in a nice 3star hotel…ha!

But in the end I had a huge amount of fun and learnt quite a bit….and I can now say with confidence that I could survive out in a Canadian winter if the chips were down..

I really want to get out more this winter and hope to become one of those people that actually looks forward to it…I recently went tobagging with a bunch of friends that was great and my parents bought me (THANKS MOM & DAD!) some snowshoes that I am going to be taking out next weekend….

I also just had my first freezing ice bath….that was a bizarre experience but one of my new years resolutions…cold but apparently great for you.

Above…my home for the weekend…..

and….I BUILT A SAW!! 🙂 its hanging on my wall now.

Preserving Carrots, mountains and family

I got to admit that lately I’ve been missing my proper “family” ie: parents quite a bit more….Not sure if it’s me getting older..or them…or just the fact that it’s been a few years since I have moved out of the province. It actually kinda makes me want to keep updating this blog though so they can at least see what I’m up to.

I got a list of things I want to do soon to become a “better person” ie: more of a “practical man”. I recently signed up at the Boreal Institute in Edmonton and am going to be taking an outdoor survival course in December…whee! a whole weekend in North Canada without a tent trying my best to not freeze….looking forward to it.

Also made my first preserves/canning thing! yay for making good friends with the neighbor upstairs who was willing to help me…some of you lucky people just *might* be getting some fun preserves or pickled carrots even!

Spent last weekend going through the mountains with the girl..was pretty fun but really too quick…ended up walking up mount tunnel in banff which was really quite nice…gonna try to make it up to the top of a mountain every month or so…

My better half and I have already talked quite a bit and once we pay off the inlaws car we are going to go shopping for a camping van for next summer…I can’t even tell you how excited I am for this…it’s been a daydream of mine for literally years to convert an older van into something I could find livable…yay

That’s all for now folks, sorry for the brief update.

Stuff sucks

Or if not…I am pretty darn close to one….

My recent trip to Europe really helped me gain a bit of perspective on my life and the “stuff” in it….not once did I really *want* while in Europe living out of a small yet roomy backpack for months…having everything I owned within an arms reach was reassuring to me.

It made me think back on my life, the places I lived and the things I had done…but let’s back it up even a bit further….

By the way: I am not going to be “preachy here” nor do I expect to come across as a “perfect” saint or whatever…

I HATED getting Christmas presents or birthday presents…absolutely hated it….I remember one year my parents got me a TV for Christmas…and while I wasn’t unthankful for the gesture I really didn’t want one…I would have preferred my parents spend that money on themselves or even just got me a card…I’d honestly be just fine with it.

When I moved into my first place in Winnipeg I owned just about nothing..and never even got around to really buying anything…I had a mattress on the floor…and an ugly hand me down couch….I think two plates and some forks…after about a year I eventually got evicted from the place for an incident I won’t go into here….and simply walked away…

Eventually I moved to another place down on Broadway… memory recollects there was a tiny kitchen table 2ft by 2ft..a computer desk..and a huge vacant loft style place….no actual living room furniture….

When I moved to Brandon I brought a single mattress and a pile of clothes to live off of….what I really remember is having two lawn chairs in the living room of my place..and a mattress in the bedroom down the hall…I did have my gifted TV at this location though.

When I moved back to Winnipeg I moved into Place Promenade…and to paraphrase my beautiful fiancee the first time she saw my place…”I thought a homeless guy lived there”…all I remember owning was a mattress on the floor…and a stuffed chair I found beside a dumpster…I once threw a party and had to buy some card tables and chairs for my guests…..

Though we’ve never noticed it the fiancee was also the one who purchased everything we own…our tables…the bed….the couch…the chairs….the dresser….her desk….

I do own a computer desk that is solidly mine…and (as mentioned previously) am seriously contemplating reducing the entire thing to a small portable laptop…

Not sure on the point in this thread…but I know that stuff makes me feel bad and I think that “stuff” is one of the major contributors to stress in our modern lifes and would suggest that everyone try to limit it as much as possible.

ps: Along the same notes….damn I want an e-reader of some kind…hmmmmm maybe Christmas?

It’s interesting….

Finding a happy medium on a public blog on what you want to post here…I have to admit that I have created one or two entries then decided to scrap them for the more “family friendly generic updates” vibe I am going for on here.

So…no complaining about stuff…no mentioning work (which is going relatively fine) and other stuff I suppose. I think I am going to update on here more…so I at least get used to it..even if I have little to say.

Last weekend we went over to our friends’ place to celebrate his “happy turning another year older” day…was a fun time even if we had to bail early to make the long drive back to Edmonton…I love carving up pumpkins!!!

*The stylish dude in the tie is mine…

but I think this one won the prize….

And the fiancee got to flex her artistic talent with some fun watercolouring….On a semi-related note I am almost certainly going to look into getting a small laptop and getting rid of my “office” in the bedroom…I either want a totally “peaceful/serene” setting or a place for her to practice art…glass blowing or painting or whatever strikes the fancy.

In yet another “manly pseudo renovation/tear apart” I ripped down some moldy drywall from our balcony area….some gross work but considering we were getting quotes of $10,000 to do it through a contractor….and it took me and a buddy maybe 4 hours total..well worth saving the money.

Though I am quite happy that we ended up doing this work now in October instead of July….considering what we found things could have turned out quite differently….(ps: this pic is only one of many…)

Also just got back form the inlaws….a very nice visit but a fairly long drive…though I really do enjoy going for drives with the girl…for some reason I think we bond best when sitting side by side in the car chitty chatting…no distractions…beautiful scenery….I actually think the travel time is my favorite part of the trip in many ways.

Feeling good and accomplishing stuff

Been getting up uber early every morning and doing a quick morning jog before I make the fiancee breakfast. The very first day I did it the weather was conspiring against me as it was pouring rain but I was still a trooper and made it out.

I also extended my “Tuesday and Thursday” vegetarian days and pretty much did an entire week last week before going to fav hamburger place here in Edmonton that is closing down tomorrow. For those of you who don’t know it…it’s an old double decker modified bus thats a hamburger joint up in an industrial area near Whitemud and 66th. If you got a hankering for an hour long wait…a fat cat…slow staff…a roof with leaks in it..and a decent hamburger….I strongly suggest you try it out tonight or tomorrow before it closes up.

Also been accomplishing some stuff around the house…managed to wallmounnt my TV the other day and hide all the cables through the walls into a kitchen cabinet where my xbox/peripherals are now stored. sexy ain’t it!!

Today is one of my last days off by myself before I start up that nasty work thing on Monday (ha! just kidding..looking forward to it..mostly)…the house is totally spic n span and beautiful so I might just go rent an xbox game….or I might fix up the patio….or maybe do another geocache! This weekend though I am going out somewhere nice to watch the leafs change.


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