Check it out…I’ve been feeling a bit more manly lately and when Janelle asked me for a desk so she could do some stainglass and crafts on I thought “well I could go out and buy some ikea junk that will fall apart or….KA BAM”

Building stuff gives you such a sense of accomplishment sometimes that I really think I should have been in the trades (or still might). Last week I decided to get something together so I started asking if anyone knew of any doors that were in a back alley waiting for me to go *yoink* and low an behold one of my friends mentioned she had a lovely door in her basement she had no use for anymore.

Now this doesn’t happen to be just any door…it was actually removed from an old farm house circa built around 1920 before it was being torn down. The legs were acquired from the bargain discount bin at Rona..and I even managed to bargain them way down to $10 a piece because one of them was missing some parts! Remember…don’t be afraid to ask!

Some good old varnish and I have a pretty stellar unique desk with a bit of a story all for less than $25! Beat that Ikea!

Now…Janelle and I did also discuss whether we should put a big couch or sofa in our small living area but we decided to go with a desk…because a desk is active while a couch is passive. Couches are used for when you don’t want to interact and just want to sit and have media beam things into your skull…a desk is used for creating…working…accomplishing…it’s by far the better choice..

We’ve been without a couch since we moved at the beginning of summer and I’m not sure if we are going to be in any rush to get one.